I have so far been unable to get the slideshow to work. I believe the problem i am having most is that I am unaware of how the slideshow is set up being that i joined in only 2 weeks ago or so. I do have several slideshows set up that i was able to make with the help of online tutorials. I was hoping to discuss this with my partner however he never responded to the email i sent last Monday, I suspect gmail may have given me the wrong email address . With hope we can have some resolution at the end of class. And end being able to move forward.

Slideshow update

I ahve spent the past week working on the slideshow. I have been focusing on trying to get the image to appear on the center of the screen once the lower thumbnail is clicked. I have found it helpful to look at similair slideshows use a css command display block; which would show the block. to further help myself understand the concept i have competed some tutorials making slideshows. The problem i am running into currently is that those slideshows and the one i am working on is set up differently making the display block feature complicated in implementing.  I have also looked at some jquery examples. These ones look like they may be able to be more easily put into the slideshow. I plan to e-mail sean, once this is posted, to talk about how we should progress, whether it may be easier to scrap what we have for a working slideshow and add in the features we want or if we want to continue banging away at our current one.


After class on Monday i have been assigned to a new group. The slider Home screen is well underway and the rough page i was working on is no longer needed. So I am now working on the slideshow page, It seems a great deal of foundation has already been built. However with that comes  a little bit of confusion being that i was not present for that process. I have been attempting to figure out how the pages work by commenting out lines and seeing how the affect on the page works. Being that I have not used css before this class i am having a small bit of difficulty. I plan to contact person who wrote the code and ask what direction they planned to go in so i can get a mindset for the logic. I plan to be able to make a plan of attack after having this knowledge onto how to complete this part of the app.

This week, I have attempted to download phonegap and run it to see how well it works. I have already created a basic home screen using html as the code. So it operates very similar to how a website would with its navigation. By clicking on one link it brings you to another page. I plan to use phonegap to compile this simple website to make sure that not only i have the hang of ot but also so that i can be sure of the functionality of phonegap. Upon completion I plan to discuss with my partner where we should go next. being that if this is all that needs to be done for the homepage we can start to talk to the group in charge of the slider and discuss how to Incorporate it into the Homepage. But first i must finish the phonegap experimenter.

Blog Post #2

Here is my post for the second week of class. Looking at what is expected from the class i felt it was necessary to build up my basic skills this week to accomplish what is to be expected. I have since explored the accounts that i was asked to set up. I looked at the functionality and purpose of each account and believe i understand know why each account was expected to be made. I also took up Professor Wurst’s advice and began looking into the tutorials. I have since attempted a few in html as well as JavaScript  I have started some github tutorial but yet to finish. I plan for this upcoming week to ass a CSS tutorial on top of what ever is needed this upcoming week.

My First Post


My name is James Fitzpatrick. I am a Fourth Year student at Worcester state. I came to this college to get a degree in computer science and to help get a career in Computer Science upon graduation. 

I am quite excited to start this class. Although i have not made any apps for tablets/phones I have always wondered about how they are made and the accessibility that comes with it. I hope that this class will be able to show us some real world experience when it comes to projects and future reference. I have dabbled slightly in both javascript and html But it is obvious that this class will rely more heavily on it then i have taken it thus far.